November 15, 2016


Commercial Construction, Renovation, Specialty Construction,



Project Description

This project includes a new Military Working Dog Operations Center, associated kennel building, and other associated site improvements. A new facility was constructed to include a single story building to provide administrative and support spaces for military personnel and a kennel building for military working dogs. The administrative building was constructed with steel roof deck, cold

The administrative building was constructed with steel roof deck, cold form steel trusses supported by CMU walls. The dog kennel was constructed steel roof deck, steel joists supported by rigid steel framing and CMU pilasters.

Within the scope of work was extensive site work which included constructing a parade field and training field for the police dogs. The parade/training field was designed with the full lighting of the entire field along with an observation area with bleachers and a podium for instruction activities and direction activities.

The entire project required detecting, evaluating and moving several different types of utilities both wet and dry not limited to high-pressure natural gas (600psi), sewer, domestic water, fire sprinkler high-pressure water, storm drain, telephone/communication and electrical utilities as well.

Work consisted of working in high traffic areas which required traffic control schemes and engineered systems, pedestrian control and flow schemes as well as road repair. The site included a Photovoltaic as well as hot water solar systems installed on top of the dog kennels roof. A new fire alarm mass notification system was installed as well as new fiber optic and telecommunication systems.

Date July, 18th 2016
Location Colorado
Time 1.5 Years
Category Construction
Client Military