June 7, 2016


Commercial Construction, Renovation, Specialty Construction,

Project Description


 This building houses U.S. Customs & Border Protection (CBP) and Border Patrol (BP). The total space consists of the inside the main structure and an additional large amount of sitework. Previously, all pedestrians were processed at the east side of the Port resulting in traffic and pedestrian congestion. This project provides an additional border crossing at the west side of the port, adjacent to Virginia Avenue.

The facility is primarily constructed of CMU block, structural steel, and precast concrete panels. Finishes include polished concrete, wood ceiling systems, fabric wrapped acoustics, detention grad ceilings, padded safe rooms, precast concrete panels and more. Due to the high-security traffic in this facility, the tenants requested to have secure rooms and vaults for high profile seizures and weapons processing and storage. These shelter requirements are some of the most stringent and secure possible.

The security program is encompassed in various factors. Each doorway is secured with either keypad or card access to restrict access to only the personnel that are given permission to the controlled areas. In addition, the building and surrounding site have over 300 cameras to ensure 100% coverage of the property lines both during operations and after hours.

To ensure rapid response closedown of the facility in the event of a customs/border protection emergency, the facility enlists the use of a port-runner system to lockdown all doors, gates, and operations until the situation is contained and deemed safe once again. The secure area of the facility also holds several interrogation rooms, detention cells, and a padded holding cell to ensure the personal safety of certain occupants.

This facility meets all the requirements of the CBP, BP, International Boundary and Water Commission (IBWC), and General Services Administration.

The project concluded as a high-performance green building and achieves the goals set forth in the Guiding Principles for Federal High-Performance Buildings and LEED Gold designation.

The streamlined high-quality/high-performance new facility is a functionally aesthetic, sustainable, cost- effective, state-of-the-art, processing facility.

GSA Pacific Rim Region. Customs & Border Protection.

San Ysidro Land Port of Entry. San Diego, CA